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Express It Forward – Perfectionism 3 minute video


Express it Forward, brainchild of Ula Einstein, is a mentoring practice designed to dissolve blocks, discover insights, inspire and activate your creativity-in-motion.  In this episode we discuss perfectionism in the context of a roadblock to creativity.  Perfectionism, is a limitation

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Express it Forward-Stop Holding Your Breath 3 min Video


We’re Baaaaaaaack.  Here’s our second video collaboration.  Douglas Turner and I are passionate about dialogues on creativity, imagination and process.   Yes, please, we’d love to hear your comments.

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Perfectionism is not a standard


Perfectionism is not a Standard – Perfectionism is an Obstacle! Perfectionism, that sneaky bugger, chips away at our ideas. It insists we aren’t ready yet, and asks who are you to do that?  Perfectionism has no room for experimenting, playing,

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