DOUBT – a roommate in your head

I was watching an interview with Arianna Huffington on PBS  (I love her accent, intelligence and gumption) speaking about her life’s trajectory. Talking about her own experiences with ongoing doubts she said “Doubt is the roommate living in my head.”

You know… the voice that barrages you with second guessing, questioning your intuition – convincing thoughts of ineptitude, lousy ideas, bad timing –  combatants that takes up lodging in us. Essentially it’s the voice that keeps us from moving forward –    Arianna went on to say that over time she developed the practice of not paying these destructive voices any mind, and instead decided to focus on what she wanted to do, and believe in herself!

So! Question that persistent, belligerent madness, and see it for what it is!  Here’s the kicker – rarely, if it at all- are those thoughts True. It becomes a voice we give authority to which only undermines us.

Hit the ‘next’ button.  When oppositional forces surface, mostly having nothing to do with constructive criticism, I look up, nod and say “thank you for sharing”  Then I choose something else.  Listen to the voice of possibilty!  Discern!  To be clear about that it’s old ‘mind chatter, n will enable action taking.  TRUST.  Write and let us know what you do…



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