Mission Statement

In my role as creativity facilitator ~ I have your back, as you go forward.

CONTACT:  Private sessions by appointment, and via telephone. coachulaeinstein at gmail dot com  –212.470.8860 cell

Express It Forward is the brain child of Üla Einstein, a NYC based inter-disciplinary artist and creativity coach.

Einstein engages hybrid teachings and tools geared towards opening pathways to creativity. Express It Forward is her playground and platform for identifying our relationship to imagination and creativity.  Identify and dissolve blocks, re-wire hidden beliefs and unleash creativity-in-motion.

Topics addressed include: Passion, Purpose, Process and Possibility, Setting Intentions, Visualizing and taking Action Steps, Wandering Beyond the Comfort Zone, Perfectionism as Obstacle, The Nature of Sabotage, beliefs about Mistakes, and Permission to follow your Instincts,  Ms. Einstein guides this dialogue in her videos, workshops, and private sessions, using these hybrid teachings and tools.

Signs along the Way

Signs along the Way


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