Clicking our heels: reinventing home

In the past 7 days  I mentioned this to two different clients: Did you know that L.Frank Baum, author of Wonderful Wizard of Oz sent his book out more than forty times before it was published.?  …something about not taking “no” for an answer or giving up way too soon.  Then I noticed The Wizard of Oz was showing on channel 8 several times on TV in those same 7 days.

Yesterday on the way home from lunch, I was on 11th street, eyes to the ground. Next to a tree, exactly as it’s pictured here were these little slippers.  I’m a size 6 shoe, so I figure they’re a size 3.  Were they left there., or forgotten?  I wanted to take them. But they weren’t “mine.”  So instead I raced a block home, grabbed my camera, and flew back. I was so captivated and can’t fully explain why. The slippers were still there.. Rearranging them a few times, and rushing I shot a small series, wondering who would be coming back for them any second now.  And then I left them as I found them. Will they be there today?

I thought about clicking of the heels to return to a stabilizing place, of comfort, of importance, of all we try and learn, our navigation tools, what the process is to take ourselves back to home.,  and what that means to each of us.  I was a kid who was not at all comfortable at home.  We won’t go into that…;)  So the nature of home has become something I hold as our interior.   To click our heels, arrive home, and feel confident (t)here is about being in our sincere, genuine, authentic selves, that is then transparent to the exterior, to the world; remaining vulnerable, a perfect contribution to its wholeness.  The story’s themes of trust and faith, of courage, of support – it’s all there!.

Remember the viscerality and the appearance, that we didn’t filter out back then, remember what was intrinsic in you and where it tugged., before it got camouflaged by the status quo, or the dominant thinking. When we quiet the noise, it is still being whispered.  It is real.

Stepping into our shoes...because we have somewhere to go, something to give.



Üla Einstein is a practicing exhibiting multi-disciplinary artist living and working in NYC ( As a Creativity Coach, she activates and invigorates creative potential. Private sessions usually over the phone, long term, short term, and one-time laser coaching available. ASK ME EMAIL: coachulaeinstein at gmail dot com

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12 comments on “Clicking our heels: reinventing home
  1. Fran Beallor says:

    Ula – what a beautiful photo and even more lovely sentiments. Wonderful synchronicity!

  2. Christina Maile says:

    Serendipity – coming across the ruby slippers
    Artistic Mind – immediately making connection/s
    Determination – getting the camera and following through.
    Those are fabulous keys to understanding the process. Great post.

  3. Mishelle says:

    Ula such a touching story and so thoughtfully expressed–it inspired me to recall another timeless classic- so profound in its well-crafted simplicity–Le Petit Prince.

  4. Annette says:

    Love it, Ula! You have a real knack for getting that synchronous flow going, as well as for kicking up your heels ;) Gorgeous photo.

  5. Beautiful, Ula! You have such a magical combination of imagery – both with your words and your photographs. Lovely.

  6. Sarah says:

    Ruby slippers on a tiny journey… Lovely image.

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