Stop Holding Your Breath

The other day Big Bird asked: Have you stopped to consider that the Source of the Universe (aka God) has infinitely more imagination that you do…so that when we have an idea, and begin to act on it: we don’t have to be holding our breath ?  (which for starters, doesn’t help, and even if you try, Byron Katie says, you can’t do it. It’s really impossible.)   My resolve this year is letting gooooooooooo  ~~  Let Go, Let God.  You’re taking actions? You’re making a move on what you know to do?  So, relax;  in the face of the many challenges we all face, stop holding your breath.  Reminds me of one of my favorite Einstein quotes:

Imagination is More Important than knowledge. 

Stop Holding Your Breath and can do it.



Üla Einstein is a practicing exhibiting multi-disciplinary artist living and working in NYC ( As a Creativity Coach, she activates and invigorates creative potential. Private sessions usually over the phone, long term, short term, and one-time laser coaching available. ASK ME EMAIL: coachulaeinstein at gmail dot com

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