Who is Üla?

A Brief Intro to Üla

“The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.”
– William Blake

Üla Einstein is a practicing  visual artist living and working in NYC. Her work is exhibited internationally in galleries, museums and non-profit spaces.  (http://ulaeinstein.com)

As a transformative CREATIVITY COACH – she dismantles limiting beliefs, and by “re-wiring” towards possibility activates creative potential in many areas.

FOR MORE INFO and Rates:  I offer a Free 20 minute phone consultation by appointment – send email ~  coachulaeinstein at gmail dot com 

Üla’s CLIENTS INCLUDE:  writers, artists, actors, designers, anyone in a creative slump and anyone who wants to liberate their ideas. For those who require a jumpstart, for those already on the creative path and run into a roadblock, I offer short term, long term or one time laser coaching sessions. 

Consider this: “Olympic champions work closely with coaches who have never won a medal”

ÜLA’s MISSION:  I have your back as you Go Forward !

Einstein’s eclectic background includes experience in art, theatre, design, singing, performance art, and 2 years as a stand-up comedian. She was a finalist after auditioning for Saturday Night Live.  As part of Dara Friedman’s Public Art Fund Project: Musical, she sang solo on the streets of NYC in 2009. Ula has presented work and participated Towards Anarchitecture – a panel discussion on art and architecture at The New York Center for Architecture. She enjoys guest lecturing on art and process, has taught at Parson’s School of Design, and participated brainstorming and conducting workshops at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.  



Summer 2014

Summer 2014













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